Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between ice cream and gelato?

There are two primary differences between ice cream and gelato.

First, gelato – by definition – is lower in fat than ice cream. In our case, that’s because the incredible milk we get from our goats allows us to make it from whole milk as opposed to milk and added cream. There are lots of benefits to that. Aside from it being a healthier option, it provides a superior eating experience. Have you ever noticed that when you eat ice cream, the flavor tends to diminish with every lick or spoonful? That’s because the high fat in ice cream gradually builds up on your tongue, preventing your taste buds from enjoying the full flavor. With Sweet Doe Gelato, that fat build-up doesn’t occur, enabling you to enjoy the full taste with every bite.

The second difference has to do with texture. Ice cream generally incorporates up to 50% air into the finished product. Not so with gelato! That’s part of what gives it its dense, creamy texture, with more goodness in every bite. We prefer to breathe the air, not to eat it!

Why goat milk?

Where do we begin?! For starters, it’s just plain better. Better taste. Better texture. Better for you. And that allows us to make gelato with those very same attributes. Goat milk is also easier to digest than cow dairy. And because it’s higher in fat than cow’s milk, we don’t have to separate milk to produce our gelato. It’s simply made with whole milk – without added cream.

Why does Sweet Doe Gelato taste so good?

It all begins with the milk! We think the milk from Nigerian Dwarfs, in particular, has the best taste around, and we handle it in a way that preserves that fresh flavor throughout the entire process, from the time it comes out of the udder to the time it’s packed in pints of gelato, ready for you to enjoy.

What gives Sweet Doe Gelato its velvety texture?

We’re glad you asked! Gelato-making is part art, part science. We spend as much time perfecting our texture as we do on perfecting our flavors. There are many factors that can greatly affect texture, including the composition of the milk at different times of year, the specific ingredients used in each recipe, and how the product is handled at every stage of production. We pay impeccably close attention to all of those details, which make for the trademark velvety texture of Sweet Doe Gelato you’ve come to know and love.

Why is Sweet Doe Gelato lower in fat than regular ice cream?

Unlike regular ice cream, Sweet Doe Gelato is made from whole milk, as opposed to milk and added cream, which accounts for the difference in fat content.

Can I eat Sweet Doe Gelato if I’m lactose intolerant?

This is the question we are probably asked more often than any other. The short answer is: ask your doctor! But, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned through our own research and experience.

There appear to be many people who have been diagnosed as “lactose intolerant” without every truly being tested for intolerance to lactose. More often, the intolerance is associated with a specific casein protein found in cow’s milk that is not present in goat’s milk. As a result, many people have found that they can enjoy goat milk products, including Sweet Doe Gelato, without experiencing any of the symptoms typically associated with their consumption of products made with cow’s milk. In fact, we’ve had lots of customers who are highly sensitive to cow dairy tell us, with delight, that Sweet Doe Gelato is perfectly fine for them!

That said, goat’s milk does contain lactose, so if you are truly lactose intolerant – and have been tested by your doctor to confirm it – then you should likely avoid dairy of all types.

What does it mean to be a "farmstead" product?

The word "farmstead" designates that 100% of the milk used in our gelato is produced on the same farm (ours!) where the gelato is made.

Where can I buy Sweet Doe Gelato?

See our In-Store Availability page for a list of stores that carry Sweet Doe Gelato throughout New England and in New York City.

You can also buy it fresh from the farm. That’s right, folks. Sweet Doe Gelato is available by the pint directly from our farm in Chelsea, VT. We simply ask that you contact us ahead of time if you would like to come and purchase. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for regular updates on in-store availability.

We also sell scoops from our gelato cart at various farmers markets and events. Follow us on Instagram @sweetdoegelato for the latest updates on where we'll be and when throughout the busy summer selling season.

Customers in the Boston area may purchase our product through the Farmers to You online grocery delivery service.

Is your gelato cart available for public and private events and weddings?

Yes! We are happy to offer gelato service with our cart to make your event extra special. Just contact us for per person pricing and availability.

How can I get my local grocer to carry Sweet Doe Gelato?

Ask for it, by name, in stores! And if you really want to put a bug in the ear of the right person, speak directly to their frozen and/or dairy buyer.

Why does it take Chocolate longer to soften or melt than your other flavors?

Chocolate contains a large amount of solids, which cause it to freeze harder. Therefore, it generally takes longer to melt than other flavors.

Is your farm open to the public?

Generally, no, but if you’d like to purchase pints of gelato directly from the farm, please contact us by phone or e-mail a day or more ahead of time to confirm that we will be able to accommodate your visit.