We love hearing feedback from our customers. Here's what some of them had to say:

"If you think you don't like goat milk products, just one taste of this gelato will make you think again. It is rich, velvety, and totally delicious mmmmmmmmmmmmmm; there is nothing 'goaty' about it!
Everyone I've shared it with has gone into raptures! I think I'll have another bowl right now :-)."

– Jennie (Chelsea, VT)

"Visiting your family enterprise was the highlight of our trip to VT for New Year holidays...The 9 pints we bought from you, sadly, have been speedily consumed - we are going through withdrawal now.  Seriously though: lovely product, authentic story, passionate team… More people deserve a chance to part with their money in exchange for something so wholesome, yummy, and rather revolutionary."

– Sergey (Middletown, NJ)

"I've been meaning to tell you that gelato was SO good. Very flavorful and rich. The coffee was some of the best we've ever had, really love how strong the coffee flavor is. I've been telling everyone about it."

– Jessica (Chelsea, VT)

"The gelato is excellent. I like the intensity of the coffee and chocolate flavors. Sometimes, you get ice cream and the color and the label says one thing, but the flavor says another. The egg yolks are a plus in giving the texture a smoothness. People with constructs about how goat milk tastes will be quite surprised when they try this product."

– Val (Vershire, VT)

"Your goat milk gelato is amazing. I tasted it at the Coop yesterday and picked up a couple pints. Tastes amazing, and none of the negative dairy side effects that we usually get with cow milk.  Thank you!!!!

– Margaret (Hanover, NH)