Our Herd

Our Herd

We raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats exclusively on our 81-acre farmstead in Chelsea, Vermont. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Nigerian Dwarfs are the smallest of the dairy goat breeds. But, don’t let their size fool you. Not only do they have big udders, they’ve got big personalities – funny, sweet and fully responsive to human interaction.

We specialize in Nigerian Dwarfs because, in our view, their milk is simply the best. With a high percentage of butterfat and a pure, rich taste, there’s just nothing better. In fact, we’d challenge anyone to come up with an animal that delivers a better milk product, pound for pound, than these sweet does.

In the spring, summer and fall, we rotationally graze our goats on a mix of pasture and browse and maintain a sharp focus on herd health.

We acquired our initial 16 Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in May 2015 to form the basis of our milking herd. That consisted of 14 does (10 kids and 4 yearlings) and 2 bucklings. We acquired another 16 does in December 2015. We maintain a closed herd and are steadily growing our herd through breeding. Currently, our herd is more than 100 strong. 

Each spring, our does give birth to 100-150 kids. We do our best to be present for each and every birth.  Nearly all of the males are sold to families as companions or pets, while the females are kept for our milking herd or sold to other working dairies. We also occasionally sell breeding bucks.

If you’re interested in reserving or purchasing goat kids from us, please send us an email. Kidding season on our farm typically runs from mid-March through the end of May.